Farm store open Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm.

Purchase your membership before June 1st to save 15% off produce this season.

North Shore Farm specializes in producing high quality fresh produce.  We grow a large variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables.  Our produce can be found at local farmer’s markets and at our on-farm store, which is open 6 days a week during the harvest season.

Do you want a farm membership without the weekly pick-up obligation?  Do you want to choose which produce you get and how much? 

North Shore Farm is offering farm memberships that are flexible and get you the fresh produce you want all season long at discounted prices! Click here for more information about our awesome, user-friendly, money-saving membership program.

Purchase your membership by June 1st to save 15% on produce this season. 

Memberships purchased before June 1st will receive a 15% discount on produce.  Memberships purchased after June 1st, as well as money added to cards after this date, will receive a 10% discount on produce.